Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day three of the competition. I have been very slow about posting. I did not finish well in the singles but we are in the championship bracket of the triples.

Brenda is making a tough decision.
This is close. This was a shot in a game with Kim and Kathy.

My team! Sharon, Brenda, Linda

Kim delivering the bowl above.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Every Wednesday I bowl. some days are better than others. Today was great. Good people, good bowls, great fun! I lead a charmed life.

Some skips are never satisfied.

Some are really not into it.

Perfect form!
He finished ballet class right before coming to the green.

No that is a perfect bowl!

Great place for people.

Look at that delivery.

I got three just right!
Some drink beer others eat oatmeal.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh My

Day two started with an easy hill as seen in the first photo. Oh my was much harder than yesterday. One broken sway bar...not on our rig. Trail was called Gold Mountain.

The photos below are crossing the rock garden.

Broken sway bar.

Making the climb.

Smooth Riding

The Rock Garden

Big Bear 2009

The Rubicon (Silver JK) is now broken in. That includes numerous scratches and a dented right front bumper.

We are at the Jeep Jamboree in Big Bear, CA. There are about 45 other Jeepers with all kinds of rigs. We were divided into three groups. Red……ballsy group, green…tough group and orange……novice.

We were green. We had been counting on our experiences in Colorado to pull us through the day.

We had three great trail guides: Carl, Tom and Slim.

There are some rules for the road:

No Drinking

No Smoking Dope

No Dopes Smoking

Keep the rig behind you in your rear view mirror.

Take a look at our day in pictures.

Eat my dust!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Well we filled up on carbs today. My mother-in-law requested sandwiches for brunch...specifically pastrami. I made deviled eggs at home and purchesed sandwiches and fries at Husky Boy Burgers here in Laguna.
She loved it. I feel bloated!
When I went home I decided to scan this photo. It is an all time favorite of Molly and Sally and me. Photo was taken in Maui in 1983.

Hope all my mother friends had a wonderful day.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey..Its my birthday.

Here it is my 62nd birthday. I feel like I was just 18. I am so blessed. Look at this cake! My daughter, Sally, made it. four layers....chocolate....creamy filling.....and a Social Security card for decoration. My first check arrives in July. I am glad there is still some money in the program.

First celebrated with friend on the bowling green. Great crowd.
If you haven't tried this is time you do!

Reinie cooked the hot dogs. Jerry drank the beer. Chuck was the assistant. Calm ocean in the background.
This bunch loves to eat and drink.
My dear friend Brenda drove up from San Diego.
More to come since my real birthday isn't until Monday.