Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Across the Navajo Reservation

Our day started early again today. Not by choice…but because we are so used to having the damn dog wake us up at 5:30am.

We started off across the desert from Cameron to Dolores.

First past Elephant’s Feet. Can you believe there are only two of them??

On to Cow Springs. This used to be a thriving business. It has slowly dissolved to a shell.

As we near Kayenta we see the coal plant equipment. It is the one major income for the Navajo Nation. Kayenta is the entrance to Monument Valley. It is very beautiful. The rock formations here are nothing compared to the one you see north of here.

As we near the Four Corners I finally decide I should stop and see my cousin at Teec Nos Pos. He owns the trading post there. It is the last place on the reservation they buy Indian wool. It was great to see him and see what a kind heart he has to the Navajo people. The wall in his office was covered with IOUs.

On to the four corners where we ate more fry bread and picked up an amulet for my friend Katy. It is a ceramic horse hair turtle….means long life.

Ended our day at our destination…Dolores. We are near the river. Of course, we found a great place to have a beer.

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Emil said...

Don't smoke too much of that peace pipe kids!