Friday, October 31, 2008

Jeff and his mussels.

Well after the bad stay at the Ole Lyme Inn we had a beautiful stay at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport, Maine. Great dinner, good drinks, fabulous breakfast.

Jeff got to see LL Bean. I think he was a bit disappointed after such places as Bass Pro and Cabela’s. Oh well.. We got a few things to take to New York. God knows we have no room to take anything home. Did stop at a coppersmith’s. Saw a beautiful moose but decided the economy was not good enough to warrant the buy. Settled for a copper star. It will look great on the Laguna house.

We drove down to Boothbay Harbor. We had been there in about 1993. It has not changed. We were there in the summer before and rented a house right on the water. So many things had closed for the season but we managed to find a nice place for lunch with lobster rolls and mussels. The old candlestick bowling hall is still there. too bad it was closed. I think Molly and Sally played 100 games there.

We drove on to Camden. Checked in to the Lord Camden Inn. Ready to party tonight.

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