Saturday, November 1, 2008

Party Time

Words are hard to find to describe the first night of the birthday party. We all arrived at the Englanders home for cocktails and treats. I was Halloween!

Then we were all of to dinner at The waterfront Restaurant. Nearly 60 of us trekked from the house to the restaurant. More to drink. I took lots of photos. Scallops were my choice and they were delicious.

The night did not end with eating as we moved on to a local bar for some dancing and a little more drinking. We made it back to the Lord Camden. What a night.

This morning we took a drive to Port Clyde. It is a small village south of Camden. Beautiful setting along the sea.

We took our time driving back to Camden where we met up with the rest of the partiers and played a mean game of candlepin bowling.

More tonight. Can’t wait.

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