Monday, November 3, 2008

Keep on Going

The party continued on Saturday night. Howard and Leanne’s friends, the Bryant’s hosted a fabulous dinner. A nautical theme was put up in their garage and it had a menu to match with lobster, steak, corn on the cob, salad, clams and more wine. My hat is off to them for the grand time. Needless to say, my fingers got buttery and I got smudges on the camera lenses.

Sunday we moved on down to Portsmouth, NH to see my high school friend Jane. She took us to see all the sites of Portsmouth and out to lunch at the shore. ? We spent the night with her and Jeff had to endure the reminiscing.

Left this morning for our digging in the Hartland area. We are staying at the Dutch Iris Inn. Driving down to Hartford tonight to take our nephew, William to dinner.

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