Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary

 Our 33rd anniversary was wonderful in our new home.  We had wanted to have some elk steaks but they were nowhere to be found so we settled on a yak roast. I had made French onion soup...only to realize I didn't have any ovenproof  bowls. I went to the second hand store and found a mix matched pair that worked out great. The yak cooked all day in red wine and broth and a few herbs and garlic. Turned out kind of like brisket.


Malia said...

The soup looks very yummy!
Congratulations on the many happy years of life together. John and MaryLynn Bryce

BW said...

Congratulations! You two always have fun which makes it always fun to be around you. Are Yak roaming around in CO or did you just have some on hand?